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The church where lives are changed!

At Cade Chapel, you can anticipate a vibrant worship experience that celebrates the diversity of an inter-generational congregation. Our richness in tradition and yet freedom in the Spirit uniquely position us to minister to a vast cross-section of Kingdom citizens. Our purpose and desire are to foster in your life a personal and passionate commitment to Christ and His church that is lived out as we corporately WORSHIP, GROW, CONNECT, and SERVE.

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Summer of Songs will deepen your appreciation for new and unfamiliar songs based on and built upon the holy scripture.


Psalm 96

In life, you will have people who don’t believe in you. Sometimes, you may get upset at life and how it's unfolding. One thing we cannot do is QUIT on yourself and your dreams. Because here’s what’s certain... you’ll never win if you quit playing the game.

Cade Youth

The youth department encompasses an array of ministries all working for the same common purpose; to give back to the will of God from whom all of our blessing flow.

Sunday School

Our goal is to assist Christian disciples with growth in their understanding and application of God’s word. Each and every person is invited to join Sunday school and participate in this ministry.

Cade Chapel M.B. Church Sunday School

Text CADE to (833) 803-7575

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