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Summer of Songs

Summer of Songs will deepen your appreciation for new and unfamiliar songs based on and built upon the holy scripture.

Psalms of Remembrance turn our hearts toward gratitude as we remember God’s grace in his specific actions, the miraculous, and major historical events. Psalms of Confidence describe the author’s trust and faith in God, typically with a central image or theme. Psalms of Wisdom provide instruction, both specifically and broadly, on how to live life and exist in a relationship with God.

Sing a New Song (Psalm 96)
A Psalm about Sin (Psalm 32)
The Goodness of God (Psalm 34)
Psalm 117 (Songs of Wisdom)
Psalm 1 (Songs of Wisdom)
Psalm 63 (Songs of Confidence)
Psalm 20 (Songs of Confidence)


Words To Live By

There are certain words that the believer ought to confess and make a part of their daily affirmation, contemplation, and meditation - a part of their theological lexicon. These words speak of certain truths/realities that remind us of who we are in Christ and what we have been given. When we make these words a part of our life vocabulary, we unlock our potential and purpose to live in the fullness of all that God has planned for us.


Stop believing the big lie that the enemy has told you about yourself; your life; your potential; your ability. Thoughts hold us captive, but words can free us. Words are powerful. God spoke the world into existence through words. These are words to live by!