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Cade Chapel M.B. Church

Sunday School

Sunday School Hours:

Enter through the Willie Wright Gym. Please check your temp and wear a mask.

9:15 – All Division Classes Begin

10:30 – All Division Classes End


9:00 -10:00 Adult SS Zoom

All classes in the Sunday School have moved to a new name designation based on Sections. 

The new designations are as follows:

  • Children Section A

  • Children Zoom

  • In-Teen Section A

  • Adult Section A

  • Adult Section B

  • Adult Section C

  • Adult Zoom


Please use these designations when you are referencing divisions/classes for Sunday School.

General Superintendent: Theresa Green

RightNow Media


Help the Sunday School to grow through your giving. Please consider starting today if Sunday School is not on your giving list.

Contact Bro. Charles Simpson at (601-906-4220) for details.

Upcoming Events

Not Pictured:

Bonnie Harris - Asst. Superintendent, Christian Support
Frances Mack - Superintendent, Children Division

Mae Jones - Superintendent, Outreach Division

Ruth Braxton - Asst. Superintendent Outreach

More Information

For Questions About:

Adult Zoom:

Sis. Gray (601-331-4631)

Meeting ID: 896 6257 4326

Passcode: Adult

Children Zoom:

Sis. Mack (60 1-260-6236)

Meeting ID: 831 4504 3707

Passcode: Cade1000

Sunday School Giving:

Bro. Simpson (601-906-4220)

General Operations and Opportunity to Serve: Theresa Green (601-918-8095)

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