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Rev. Ervin Harris

Rev. Ervin Harris

Rev. Ervin Harris is a native of Crystal Springs, MS, one of six siblings born to the Dacon James Harris and Ruthie Mae Miller Harris (both deceased) and married to Mrs. Bonnie Harris.

His early years were spent in an agrarian setting until his mother moved to Jackson, MS where he attended Blackburn , Jim Hill and Lanier schools.

He received higher education from Jackson State University, Belhaven Univerity, McKinley Theological Seminary and Wesley College. Further study was completed at Liberty University, Christian Bible College and Seminary and Southwestern Christian Theological School.

He accepted God's call to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ at Morning Star Baptist Church where he was also ordained under the late Rev., Dr. M.K Nelson. Later ordained an Itinerant Elder in the African Methodist Epsicopal Church where he served as an Itinerant Pastor for 33 years covering much of Central Mississippi until retiring from that communion on January 16, 2017. After which he was reobligated to the Baptist Church and Baptist Ministry.

One of his goals is to continue preaching and teaching the liberating Gospel of Jesus Christ in such a way that hearers will be liberated to live more abundant lives and be prepared to meet the Lord Jesus Christ.

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